A Sunscreen Guide: The Best-Rated Sunscreens for Summer

While this post may have nothing to do with real estate, we found the material answers a question many people ask each summer: 'What is the best sunscreen?'.

It's still confusing out there. But luckily, Consumer Reports has finally stepped in and issued its 2012 Sunscreen Buying Guide.

After extensive testing of 18 of the top selling products on the market, the following products received Consumer Reports' 'Recommended" rating for being "very good" against UVA and "excellent" against UVB, even after being dunked in water for 80 minutes:

No-Ad lotion with aloe & vitamin E, SPF 45

Walgreens continuous spray sport, SPF 50

Coppertone oil-free foaming spray, SPF 75+

All Terrain Aqua Sport lotion, SPF 30

Banana Boat clear ultra-mist sports performance active dry protect spray, SPF 30

Coppertone sport high performance ultra sweat-proof spray, SPF 30

Eco all natural sunscreen body lotion, SPF 30

Even if you choose the best sunscreen for your needs, Consumer Reports warns that you have not fulfilled your sun protection duties. It urges consumers to wear hats and cover-ups, check ingredients, spray carefully and reapply approximately every 2 hours. The sun's rays can cause cancer, so be careful out there this summer.

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